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CodeStation NameRailway ZoneStation Address
PDPLPEDDAPALLISCRPeddapalli, Andhra Pradesh, India
PDPRPURANDARPUR HNERPurandarpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
PDRPAYAGPURNERPayagpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
PDRAPADRAWRPadra, Gujarat, India
PDRDPINDRA ROADNRPindra Kathiraon Rd, Uttar Pradesh, In..
PDSPINDARSI HNRPindari, Uttar Pradesh, India
PDSNPEDDASANAECORPeddasana, Andhra Pradesh, India
PDTPENDURTIECORVishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India
PDUPONDURUECORSrikakulam, Andhra Pradesh, India
PDVPANDARAVADAISRPandaravadai, Rajagiri, Tamil Nadu, In..
PDWPANDAULECRPandaul, Bihar, India
PDXPAYRADANGAERPayradanga, West Bengal, India
PDYPUDUCHERRYSRPondicherry Railway Station, South Bou..
PDZPILIODAWCRPilioda, Rajasthan, India
PEAPETTAISRTamil Nadu 627004, India
PECPENCHARTHALNFRPecharthal, Tripura, India
PEEPATERHINERPaterhi Jalal, Bihar 841419, India
PEHPATHARDIH JNECRPathardih Railway Station, Pathardih, ..
PEIPERANISRChenji Road, Tamil Nadu, India
PELPOLIREDDIPALEMSRReddypalem, Andhra Pradesh, India
PEMPERALAM JNSRPeralam Jn, State Highway 23, Peralam,..
PENPENCRPen, Maharashtra, India
PEPPHEPHNA JNNERBallia, Uttar Pradesh, India
PERPERAMBURSRChennai, Tamil Nadu 600012, India
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