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CodeStation NameRailway ZoneStation Address
SNRPSONIPUR RUPAL HWRGandhinagar, Gujarat, India
SNSSASNINCRSasni, Uttar Pradesh, India
SNSISAINAGAR SHIRDICRNighoj, Maharashtra, India
SNSLSONSHELUWRDhule, Maharashtra, India
SNSNSONASANWRSonasan, Gujarat, India
SNTSAINTHIAERGrand Trunk Rd, Sainthia, West Bengal,..
SNTDSANTALDIHSERSantaldih, West Bengal, India
SNTHSONTHALIYANWRSikar, Rajasthan, India
SNUSANGRAMPURERSangrampur, Maharashtra, India
SNVSONDADSECRGondia, Maharashtra, India
SNVRSANVATSARCRVari, Maharashtra, India
SNXSANEH ROADNRBijnor, Uttar Pradesh, India
SOASANOSRAWRBhavnagar, Gujarat, India
SOAESOMRA BAZARERState Highway 6, West Bengal, India
SOBSILANIBARINFRBantow Bangali, Assam, India
SODSOJAT ROADNWRSojat Road Railway Station, Sojat Road..
SOESHEOPUR KALANNCRSheopur, Madhya Pradesh, India
SOFSAOTAERSaota, West Bengal, India
SOGSURATGARH JNNWRSuratgarh Junction, MDR 103, Suratgarh..
SOGRSOGRASERSogra Station, Odisha, India
SOHSIROHI ROADNWRSirohi, Rajasthan, India
SOHLSOHALNRSohal, Punjab, India
SOJSAROJINI NAGARNRSarojini Nagar, Lane F, Sarojini Nagar..
SOJNSIHOR GUJARATWRSihor Gujarat Railway Station, Shihor,..
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