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FKA FZR DMU (74974)
FKA FZR DMU (74974)
Running Days: Daily
Available Classes: UNRESERVED
Type: PassengerZone: NRARP: 120 Days
Train Schedule: FKA FZR DMU (74974)
No.Station CodeStation NameArrivalDepartureDistance
1FKAFAZILKASource10:55 (Day 1)0
2TQLTHEH QALANDAR11:06 (Day 1)11:07 (Day 1)8
3LDKLADHUKA11:14 (Day 1)11:15 (Day 1)14
4BVWBAHMNIWALA11:24 (Day 1)11:25 (Day 1)21
5DAVCD A V COLLEGE JALALABAD11:34 (Day 1)11:35 (Day 1)30
6JBDJALALABAD11:38 (Day 1)11:40 (Day 1)32
7JWNJIWA ARAIN11:50 (Day 1)11:51 (Day 1)41
8GHSGURU HARSAHAI11:59 (Day 1)12:01 (Day 1)49
9KRSWKOHAR SINGH WALA12:09 (Day 1)12:10 (Day 1)56
10JTHJHOK TAHAL SINGH12:17 (Day 1)12:18 (Day 1)62
11DODHDODH12:25 (Day 1)12:26 (Day 1)68
12KIQKHAI PHEMEKI12:34 (Day 1)12:35 (Day 1)75
13FZPFIROZPUR CITY12:44 (Day 1)12:46 (Day 1)85
14FZRFIROZPUR CANT13:05 (Day 1)Destination88
"Source" means train starts and "Destination" means train ends here.